Common dating myths debunked

Many people make the mistake of putting all of their eggs in one basket.There is no one perfect venue for meeting the right person.This is a relatively short process; the attraction usually starts to develop within the first three to five dates.Myth #6 – First impressions about a blind date are always correct.And then there are the normal mistakes people make and feel embarrassed about later -- putting their foot in their mouth, nervously talking too fast or too much, feeling uncomfortable because they wore absolutely the wrong thing for this particular date, or trying too hard to impress the other person.The real essence of another person takes time to come through.We'd prefer that daters be selective from the start of their dating careers and only say "Yes" to suggestions that seem to be in the ballpark.It's better to date a few people who seem right "on paper" than dozens of people who sound "nice" but will never turn out to be a good match for you.

To make small-scale events more effective, organizers can create opportunities for people who don't know each other to be introduced and interact, and include plenty of married couples who can facilitate introductions, discussions, and post-event follow-up.It often takes a few dates to realize that you're starting to connect to each other. Many couples are happily-married today because they followed this advice.Particularly, physical attraction often takes time to build.Dating isn't a numbers game -- you are looking for one lifelong partner, not 100 cups of coffee.Myth #2 - The smartest and prettiest women get married first.

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