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Instead of playing poker, you can try using quiz questions from a game like "Trivial Pursuit" or even questions based on your favorite book, TV show or movie.I always advise couples to decide on a game that they both really enjoy and use that to decide who takes off their clothes.This instructional video on talking dirty will get you up to speed fast.If you want my most powerful and kinky oral sex tips, you can find them all in this tutorial video.You'll find that some of them are quite kinky and a little out there, while others may even seem tame.

Meanwhile, he will do the exact same to you, trying his best to turn you on and make you "break" and initiate or ask for sex.

The goal is to try to make your man ask or beg for the full thing by turning him on as much as possible without giving in yourself.

The fun thing is that your man is doing the exact same thing himself.

The simple reason is that it's fantastic at building sexual tension all the way up to the point where one of you will literally do almost anything for sex.

Foreplay Game #2: Just The Tip This is a really awesome variation of the previous foreplay game.

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When he tries to escalate physically, gently rebuff him and say, Doing this is incredible for building sexual tension and a passionate desire in him.

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