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Presence of the baked bricks is seen used in the main drain provided on the width of the northern arm of the fortification wall to flush out the waste water from the houses.Pottery graffiti at Bhirrana show "mermaid" type deities and dancing girls; the latter have a posture so similar to Mohenjo-daro's bronze "dancing girls" that the archaeologist L. Rao stated that "it appears that the craftsman of Bhirrana had first-hand knowledge of the former." Multi-roomed houses were exposed at this site, one house with ten rooms and another with three rooms.So here is the list of divorced females from Chandigarh.There are many divorced ladies who have registered in this portal from Chandigarh and are looking for people who want to marry again due to their divorced status and are open for friendship.

The important artifacts of the period consisted of Seals of steatite, bangles of copper, terracotta, faience and shell, inscribed celts of copper, bone objects, terracotta spoked wheels, animal figurines of terracotta, beads of lapis lazuli, carnelian, agate, faience, steatite, terracotta and stone objects. The houses were made of mud bricks (sun-baked bricks).The artefacts of this period comprised a copper bangle, a copper arrowhead, bangles of terracotta, beads of carnelian, lapis lazuli and steatite, bone point, stone saddle and quern.The pottery repertoire is very rich and the diagnostic wares of this period included Mud Applique Wares, Incised (Deep and Light), Tan/Chocolate Slipped Wares, Brown-on-Buff Wares, Bichrome Wares (Paintings on the exterior with black and white pigments), Black-on-Red Ware and plain red wares.Several publications have been written on it by Rao et al.According to Rao, Hakra Ware has been found at Bhirrana, and is pre-Harappan, dating to the 8th-7th millennium BCE.

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