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At an unbelievable 9 by 12-inches and weighing in under 15 lbs, the 200-watt Traynor SB106 combo uses a studio monitor quality 6.5-inch speaker in its solid plywood and metal cabinet to deliver unmatched tone for close monitoring on controlled stages. Tiny, lightweight, and quite affordable - these amps can do double duty; turn down the Low Expander and you have a great upright bass amp. Bob & Mark, I've trusted your reviews and testimony for years, and you still surprise me.

Fully featured for professional bass players needing a small, lightweight but powerful amplifier solution, the SB106 offers both Passive and Active ¼-inch Instrument Inputs, selectable Pre or Post EQ XLR DI Output for direct connect to front-of-house mixer and an additional ¼-inch Speaker Output to drive an additional extension cabinet when necessary (4-ohm minimum). Click here to find Warranty Information for all of our manufacturers. Click here for important information about ordering from outside the USA, and what to expect concerning taxes, VAT, delivery times, and more. SB112 Lightweight Combo Bass Amplifier (1x12, 200w) This bigger brother to the SB110 is great if you're on a budget but need an amp with more "guts" for louder stages! I bought the Traynor SB-106 Combo online on your recommendation, sight unseen.

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* “Bass” type badge lower left on normal (non-Treble or Top Boost) models. 1967-1968 * No change due to emphasis on solid-state. changed to “A Vox Product.” * Manufacture location “Erith, Kent.” * U. 1969-1972 * Reverb model with cylindrical aluminum control knobs, pull-enable switches on Volumes. * Double row of ventilators (Stolec model) 1972-1974 * Reversion to pointer knobs.

1962-1963 * Blonde or dark (smooth-textured) covering in equal use. 1963-1964 * Dark cover standard, texture varies between smooth dark grey or black to basketweave texture. * Strap handles with “Vox” logo appear in mid-1964. * Top Boost controls integral with control panel early 1964. * Mains selector changed to five-way rotary switch type. 1966-1967 * Metallic black ventilators used late 1966. * Changed to silicon rectifier system, GZ34 valve deleted.

Note that if you place an order for one, we DO NOT CHARGE YOUR CARD until we have an amplifier available to ship to you.

NNTP-Posting-Host: stockyard65.Mime-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit X-Mailer: Mozilla 1.22 (Windows; U; 16bit) I came across this today and thought I might share it with the group: Dating your Vox amplifier Because the Vox name has been used by such a variety of companies in different locations, no lists of serial numbers are available. * Brown latticed or occasional plain speaker cloth.

1974-1978 * Same chassis and case but Celestion G12M speakers fitted. 1979-1985 * Same chassis and case but (pale-blue) Fane 125283 speakers.

Product News: This amplifier has been incredibly popular, and Traynor is having trouble keeping up with the demand.

Even so, certain characteristics can help narrow the date of manufacture to within a year or so. * Small “Jennings” embossed badge on top margin of frame.

These characteristics can be applied to most amplifier models prior to 1985. 1958-1959 * Blonde covering, or occasional two-tone grey-cream.

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