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Proposition 47 about a year ago or six months ago took some of the minor drug felonies and made them misdemeanors and, from my understanding, you have more room in your prisons now for violent criminals.

Following Proposition 47's approval in November 2014, inmate populations in prisons began to fall across California.

Very soon, Protect My Call will be a new feature within major dating apps (or here’s hoping at least) to not only give you peace of mind, but to do exactly what it says on the tin… You will use the dating app as normal, but Protect My Call will be an option for you to use within the app to chat privately and exclusively with said potential significant other.

Without giving out your number, you don’t risk continuing communication with someone you no longer want to get to know because let’s face it, we can all do without the added hassle of being bombarded with weird text messages and the likes.

Garrick Byers, President of the California Public Defenders Association, viewed Proposition 47 as working.

He said, "It reduced the punishment for many crimes from an excessive punishment to a punishment that's more in line with what the crime is.

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