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Here the X-ray shows that the third, fourth, fifth and sixth ribs are broken and are somewhat out of position.In this case there is no callus formation, no trace of the bones having healed, a fact which limits the time-frame in which the break happened to no more than two months before the Iceman’s death.” This would seem to rule out the possibility that Oetzi was still a juvenile at the time of his death.Serial rib fractures occur mainly in people at risk of falling: they are diagnosed chiefly in drunks, sportsmen and mountaineers.The Iceman, therefore, long before he died, had an accident which crushed the left side of his thorax.” “A totally different picture, however, is presented by further fractures on the right.The feathers were affixed with a resinous substance and set at an angle that would induce an in-flight spin (to maintain a true course).With reference to their design the noted Austrian archaeologist, Hans Notdürfter, commented (with a measure of surprise) that: “It is significant that ballistic principles were known and applied.” This could either be by design, such as in the case of a genuine composite arrow (which is designed to break into two sections upon impact), or by virtue of attempts to re-use two previously broken arrows.The Ice Man wore a pair of leggings, which were strapped to a belt at waist level.

the latter of which possibly fulfilled a bracing function.These accusations culminated recently in the assertion that the mummified remains of the Ice Man had been ‘imported’ from Peru (South America) and ‘planted’ at the Oetztal site as part of a carefully orchestrated hoax.Nevertheless, the issue has been seemingly resolved, once for all, with the simultaneous announcement that separate studies of the Ice Man’s mt DNA have established Oetzi’s origins as being distinctly European.The calibrated results, released in February of the following year, ranged between 5,200 and 5,300 years BP and were carried out by radiocarbon laboratories at the Universities of Oxford (England) and Zurich (Switzerland).The uncalibrated radiocarbon datings for the grass were subsequently modified/reworked (in January, 1992) to 4,450 ±75 (Uppsala) and 4,550 ±60 years BP; rendering them in close conformity with those for the corpse.

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draws particular attention to the fact that the Ice Man possessed strongly developed superciliary ridges, a receding forehead, rather angular eye-sockets and marked mastoid processes.

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