The problems of dating an only child

Now, this ex-friend of mine is engaged, dropped out of school to focus on her wedding (which is what she's telling people, but I know for a fact she dropped out because she was failing ALL of her classes for her specific major and was going to be kicked out), and her fiance exclusively cheats on her with other women, and SHE KNOWS ABOUT IT.Any relationship could work, and sometimes, only children can make the best partners. I think it depends on how the individual was brought up.On the disadvantages list, Wang puts on the top the frictions between husband and wife.Compared with those from non-single-child families, the kids of one-child families are more likely to be spoiled and self-centered.In the beginning, it was all about her: what SHE wanted to do, what SHE said had to be done.She was used to being the center of attention, because her parents were used to being the center of attention.My relationship with my boyfriend is a wonderful, healthy, strong relationship.We don't have much we disagree on, but when we do disagree we tend to compromise rather than argue; I have no problem comprimising.

Everyone has a time of weakness when they need help.However, I can be stubborn at times, just like everyone else on the planet. I don't have high expectations for my boyfriend; he is who he is, and I love him for the man he is.I respect him very much, and I admire many qualities.They are not used to restraining themselves and taking care of and showing consideration and respect for others.These so-called "little emperors" or "little princesses," or "little suns" will probably remain as they were in their marriage lives.

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