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Layla considers moving from Los Angeles to New York in an effort to save her marriage, but possibly put her career in shaky, unknown waters.Adrienne explores lesbianism for a possible role in a movie.

The ceremony was held at a private mansion estate and guests stayed in a villa next door.

We’ve shown you a picture of his neck tattoo and wondered if it meant he was a Yankees fan. managed to find a girl who’s more ink-obsessed than he is. She calls herself a “model, exotic body piercer, brand representative, and event hostess” on her facebook group.

Smith is one of the most tattooed players in the NBA. is now dating Britanie Girard, a woman from LA who works at a tattoo and piercing shop in Queens, New York.

The couple have a grand total of four dogs of varying ages and sizes. Two are English Bulldogs, one appears to be a German Shepherd pup, and the other appears to be some kind of small terrier.

Jewel has chosen to bleach her hair, and I love her style.

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Julissa hopes to appeal to a more mainstream audience by working on her accent.

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