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I dug into our rich history and literature for women empowerment.Looking back at my teenager years in Jordan, Amman, the understanding of my freedom, as well as that of fellow Arab girls, stalled under the weight of shame, guilt and fear.The “honourable virgin” image is seen as precious and desirable.As the famous saying goes, chanted by many men (even women), “a woman is like a piece of candy, if you threw it on the floor would you want to eat it? Women are compared to objects as if they are objects themselves.You’re doomed if you choose to love or be in a sexual relationship that is outside the sacred institution of marriage.The monster, also known as the fear of sexual instincts and love, is born out of an early Bedouin society and is still fed by many Arabs today.Treading on sensitive ground Love and sex are two of the most intimate and personal areas. This hidden world is where the woman’s lives – the freely sensual woman.

The perpetrators are put in a more lenient legal category than murder, as they are seen to be upholding traditional values.However, I’ve seen that in many Arab pre-marital relationships, sex and love are completely separate and for a good reason.In Amman, sex education, which means teaching about safe sex and consent, does not exist. High schools, even universities, have health centres, which give a non-judgemental guidance on sexual health and decision-making. My university’s student union has free condoms hung outside for everyone to see and take.The woman is either a saint or a whore, a manufactured object that comes in two colours.Romantic relationships are diverse and their nature shouldn’t be generalized.

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